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Since xxxx(Fecha), DCI has worked strategically on an action plan based on three main modules:

  1. Module I: Food Sovereignty (200 m2)
  2. Project: Rescue, assessment, dissemination promocióny production, preparation, consumption and use of amaranth grain and leaf, as genetic inheritance and cultural heritage.

  1. Module II: excess production (800 m2) transformation and local marketing
  2. Projects and leaf production of amaranth grain for family technology processing and local marketing (roasted and meals for breakfast and fairs)

  1. Module III: Export of Value-Added Criterion Business Outreach.
    • Research and development of industrial products.
    • Opening export markets and product and brand positioning of amaranth with high added value.

Major projects for production , health and nutrition

  • Support for indigenous-peasant units throughout the production cycle of amaranth.
  • Prenatal care and breast-feeding allowance for mothers in gestation and newborns.
  • School breakfast for students from pre-school, primary and secondary schools in rural areas.
  • Supplementary feeding for older people or aged people in rural areas.

:: NNN food
With a high content of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Contains
Omega 3.


Produced in Bolivia for everyone


It is a 100% natural,No chemicals or artificial flavors.

Amaranth oil and beer

Amadeo Amaranto