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Its a Eco-efficient company, Solidarity, and profitable, with more than 20 years of experience in integrated production on the chain of amaranth, which has the strategic objectives of food sovereignty, nutrition, health and income generation, the strategic alliance with native farmer people, located mainly in the Andean valleys of Bolivia, such as OECAs (Rural Economic Organizations) and regional associations of producers.
Our Amaranth-based products are labeled "Triple N" because they are Natural, Nutritional and Native.
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:: Mission
:: Visión


Show that the food chain of the Amaranth is an alternative eco-efficient, beneficial and sustainable for rural households in areas with scarce capital minifundiarias, water, technology and labor.

DCI is known to local, departmental, national and international, for their experience, expertise, specialization and perfect competition, both in the production, processing and marketing of Amaranth, as well as in implementing human development projects, integrated and sustainable can improve levels of food sovereignty, nutrition, preventive health, achievement and employment in Bolivia.

:: Spirit
Eco-efficient company
We care about the environment, we make a sustainable use of resource
Consolidate company
We are looking for food sovereignty, nutrition, health and income generation.
Sustainable Company
Because our company is eco-efficient, compassionate and cost effective.
:: Our experience

Amadeo Amaranth as Effective Strategy for Sustainable Human Development
Testimonials DCI working for sustainable development.
Trade fairs participation
Our products were exhibited at international fairs
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:: NNN food
With a high content of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Contains
Omega 3.


Produced in Bolivia for everyone


It is a 100% natural,No chemicals or artificial flavors.

Amaranth oil and beer

Amadeo Amaranto